IMFACT – Lollipop Teasers and M/V

imfact lollipop(left to right: Taeho, Jeup, Sang, Ungjae, Jian(on floor))

With ‘IMFACT’s debut EP just around the corner, Star Empire began to release trailers for the title track ‘Lollipop’ and these teasers definitely served their purpose as they got me really riled up and excited for the 27th January 2016.

Leadng the pack for ‘Lollipop’s’ individual teasers comes Sang! Once again showcasing some fancy finger-work with his guitar, Sang performs a short acoustic to applause from a bubblegum haired Ungjae, wooing women worldwide with his talents. The teaser is set in a classroom with Sang sitting in the window performing to an empty room. The teaser is naturally lit, bright and airy and the music is dreamlike and sweet.

Next up for an individual M/V teaser is Ungjae and he’s back at a piano again! This time he is sporting a candy-like pink mop of hair with a school uniform style tie and cardigan combination. Once again that low tone rap is completely unexpected and creates a perfect contrast to the sweet piano tune. Set in the same classroom as Sang’s trailer I think you’d be safe to assume that this will be the venue for their new M/V. At the end of Ungjae’s video we see Jian wrap a jacket around his sleeping maknae and ruffling his hair affectionately. Could Jian’s be the next trailer to be released?

Just as I suspected, Jian is up next and I am suffering from an immediate, unmatched case of hair-envy! Jian and his turquoise locks can be seen dancing and rapping in that same empty classroom before he is woken from his reverie to remember he is supposed to be cleaning the pool area. Luckily sweet Taeho was on sight to witness his leader’s display!

Naturally, Taeho follows Jian and this time he tops his impressively natural looking dancing with a display of his vocal prowess, with every trailer I get more and more and excited for the M/V’s release. Poor Taeho wakes from is daydream to find a very unimpressed Jeup has been watching him. I’d hide in my locker too!!

And finally we have Jeup, by this point my excitement was barely contained. Jeup’s hot pink hair is incredibly pleasing on the eye and he shows off some powerful vocals and some more of that amazing trickery before he realises that he wasn’t quite as alone as he thought he was.

Not content with this level of teaser? Well don’t worry, there was one more video released to whet our appetites before the big day! A group M/V teaser which gives you an insight into their cute chemistry and abundant energy as a group along with a short clip of the song.

Finally, having been thoroughly teased and taunted, the wait is over!! Now the full M/V for ‘Lollipop’ and the 4 song EP have been released and it was definitely worth the wait. The video is up beat and colourful with a very fresh feel to it. The set designers have used neon and primary colours to create a comforting a bright and cheerful feel and the guys sport candy colours in matching with the theme of the song. The M/V is fun, and the guys are energetic and bouncy throughout the video, you can really tell they’re enjoying themselves and their excitement is palpable. A brilliant start for a band that I am expecting great things from.


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