IMFACT – Debut Teasers

IMFACT(Left to right: Taeho, Jian, Sang, Ungjae and Jeup)

2016 is definitely, already, shaping up to be a great year for kpop and it all started for me with ‘IMFACT’, my first debut for the year. Star Empire’s new five piece boyband boasts some fantastically talented members with very handsome visuals and cheerful demeanours. The name ‘IMFACT’ is a combination of the words ‘impact’ and the phrase ‘I’m fact’ they chose this name as it signifies honesty and the ‘impact’ they’d like to have on the music industry with their self-produced and written tracks.

In the run up to their debut, the boys recorded several videos for V app called ‘Imfact Alive’ which feature the boys in their day to day lives and give you a little insight into their personalities and talents. Then, as December changed to January, came the teasers! Starting with leader and Main Rapper Lee Ji An (이지안), stage name Jian (지안). Jian’s cool and explosive rap teaser really showcases his almost effortless talent and definitely shows why he ‘Imfact’s’ leader, rap-maker and choreographer. 

Next came Lee Sang (이상), stage name Sang (상) and some of you might recognise the piece he plays in this short teaser video, I know I’ve always loved the music from August Rush. Sang is a guitarist, he helps compose and is a lyricist, a very talented young man. 

Its not uncommon for a band to have a marital artist and our next teaser certainly shows that ‘IMFACT’ has one so talented that they simply couldn’t keep it quiet! Enter Park Je Up (박제업), stage name Jeup (제업), ‘IMFACT’s main vocalist. 

Next comes Kim Tae Ho (김태호), stage name Taeho (태호) showcasing the group’s fantastic choreography. Main Vocalist Taeho has a beautiful voice and natural form and movement that translates beautifully to dance. 

Last, but definitely not least comes maknae Na Ung Jae (나웅재), stage name Ungjae (웅재) who, despite being the youngest member, is one of the main composers and arrangers of the band. So very talented for someone so young! And here’s a fun fact, the music in both his own and Jeup’s teaser videos, he also helped arrange the song for Taeho’s. Now here he is playing the keyboard and rapping in a voice that is suprisingly low and soulful.

Based on these teasers my excitement for ‘IMFACT’ rocketed through the roof!! Watch this space for a review of the Debut M/V and Album!

imfact 2(Left to Right: Taeho, Jian, Sang, Jeup, Ungjae)


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