IMFACT – Debut EP ‘Lollipop’ Review


You’ve probably already guessed based on the fact that this is my third ‘IMFACT’ post that they’ve had a bit of an impact on me. This EP is probably the musical incarnation of the phrase ‘Short and Sweet’. At only 4 tracks long it definitely knows how to leave it’s audience wanting more without leaving them feeling unsatisfied. With most of the members taking an active role in the writing and composing of all of the songs this feels like a love letter from ‘IMFACT’ to their fans and you can really feel how much work has gone into it. This band boasts some wonderfully talented young men.


Track 1: ‘I’m Fact’

This short introduction track is a ‘statement of intent’ more than anything else, it’d make a perfect crowd-pleasing, warm-up at a concert. It’s got a vibrating bass that sounds awesome through my headphones and the synthetic sounds certainly lend themselves to the ‘party’ concept, this is a great lead in to the title track ‘Lollipop’.

Track 2: ‘롤리팝 Lollipop’

‘Lollipop’ is a pop dance track that is so full of energy that I defy anyone not to bounce while listening to it. In my opinion ‘Lollipop’ is a great first single because it showcases both the varied skills of the vocalists and the vocal gymnastics of the rappers whilst allowing them to show off their playful natures and I feel like it should be counted amongst the ranks of most addictive ear worms. One listen and it was already firmly implanted into my brain. From the perspective of if this is the best song of this style or the best song on the EP, maybe not, but I feel its a great intro to Imfact’s style and I have added it to several of my mood-lightening playlists. Though I’ve not seen any translations just yet I think the meaning behind the song is pretty self-explanatory.

Track 3: ‘샤인 Shine’

No K-pop album is complete without the smooth pop, semi-ballad, love song and ‘Lollipop-EP’ is no exception. If you watched the ‘Lollipop teasers’ then you might recognise this as its beginning made an appearance a few times. ‘Shine’ is about shining on from above and protecting the subject of the song. A very sweet image coupled with well-harmonised sugar-y vocals and the well adapted linguistics of our rappers. This song is reminiscent of some of the songs arranged by ‘Seventeen’s vocal team it has the same sort of natural sounding harmonies which I have come to enjoy so, for that reason, I am already fond of this style.

Track 4: ‘양아치 Troublemaker”

Last but most certainly not least (in fact my favourite song on the EP) is ‘Troublemaker’, again a slower paced song than ‘Lollipop’ with a softer slightly sadder tone to it, ‘Troublemaker’ once again showcases those impressive vocals but has the added bonus of entirely rap verses allowing Jian and Ungjae to show more sensitive sides of themselves as well. Pretty harmonies, heartfelt lyrics and a catchy chorus to sway too. Beautifully arranged.


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