Seventeen (세븐틴) – DK (Dokyeom) Profile


Name – DK – Dokyeom – 도겸

Birth Name – Lee Seokmin – 이석민

D.O.B – February 18, 1997

Unit – Vocal Unit

Position – Main Vocalist

Nickname – Mr. Hat, Soonseok Talk, Rockstar, Docutie

Height – 179 cm

Home Town – Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

DK is Seventeen’s resident ‘Happy Virus’. He has revealed in interviews that he wishes to become someone who has a positive effect on the people around him, he wants to be able to help them and give them hope. With these noble intentions in mind, DK is almost always smiling and joking and he approaches every situation with unfathomable optimism and enthusiasm. A very funny guy, DK is one third of Seventeen’s famous ‘Gag Trio’ alongside Hoshi and Seungkwan, proving himself to be incredibly comfortable in front of the camera by making even the simplest things hysterically funny.

DK is not just one of the happiest and funniest members of Seventeen but he is also the most outgoing and is able to make a relationship with absolutely anyone. Despite being the last member to join the group he was able to get on with all of his fellow members quickly and easily. In a poll they all voted him as the funniest member.

Now, before you start to think that DK doesn’t take his music very seriously, let me tell you categorically and without a doubt, that there is nothing in this world that is more important to DK than his singing. He practices even when he is resting and has been known to get upset and cry when he thinks he isn’t doing well enough. Diligent, hard-working and overwhelmingly talented despite only just having become an adult, DK is absolute ‘Shining Diamond’.

Picking him out from the crowd

Here’s the fun bit! Anyone who is  a fan of k-pop knows that there is simply no point in using a hair style or make up style to try and identify a member as they change them like they change their clothes so I will focus on facial features and give you a quick run down of his outfits from a couple of M/Vs / performances to make it a little easier for you to find the happiest man on earth amongst his bandmates in future.

DK is a prime example of the often mentioned but rarely spoken about ‘Gap appeal’ effect. Off stage (and sometimes onstage) he is the ‘Happy Virus’, that silly guy in the corner dancing like a horse or speaking like a grandpa, but when the time comes to get serious he can turn on the charm at the drop of the hat turning fangirl’s hearts to mush. When looking for DK amongst the others it’s important to look for that impossible to ignore smile that is easily the widest smile I’ve ever seen, but if he’s not smiling expect to find it a bit more difficult, instead keep an eye out for his strong nose and a very different kind of confidence.

Then, of course, there is his voice. Dokyeom has some serious power behind his voice which is definitely not to be ignored. Though he sometimes worries that he isn’t as strong a vocalist as Seungkwan, he is responsible for a lot of the vocals and can hit some pretty incredible high notes. Lets look at some M/Vs!

Mansae M/V 

Just like the other members, throughout the Mansae M/V DK appears in three different outfits, all of which look like vague variations on a school uniform. The first of which is exactly that, a grey suit jacket and white shirt buttoned right up to the top. In this outfit he can be seen dancing, waking a daydreaming S.Coups and making a joke which isn’t appreciated by his classmates. His hair is a lighter shade of brown and has been styled in a simple short style.

He can also be seen wearing a Black button up cardigan and a blue string tie when dancing and messing around with his fellow vocal unit members.

His third outfit features a scoop necked white top and a black blazer. When wearing this he can be seen dancing with the other members but, most notably, kneeling before the object of his affection, it doesn’t go so well for sweet DK.

A smile that’s impossible to ignore, right?

Now lets look at:

Adore U M/V 

The M/V for Adore U includes clips from three separate dance sequences all of which have a similar but different ‘White’ and ‘Angelic’ concept. In the first the boys are seen dancing in a freshly painted practice room or classroom and Dokyeom can be seen wearing a white round neck t-shirt underneath a white shirt with a silver name tag.

Another of the sequences has been filmed in a large white studio with a pinkish glow. In these scenes DK is sporting a cool sleeveless hoodie, white of course.

Finally the boys get to perform on a virtual cloud 9 during which DK can be seen wearing a collarless button up shirt and a smart white blazer and he looks very charming. Almost charming enough to be an angel!

He also appears alongside his fellow vocal team members for a car ride and a little bit of time together in the sand.

And that is DK! I’m going to leave you with some more pictures of this excitable little ray of sunshine.

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