Daily Gif – 30/12/2015

This morning my phone very helpfully removed all of my offline music from Apple Music bar B1a4 so the soundtrack for my morning was decided for me the moment I left the house. In honour of these sweethearts I have decided to dedicate my second ‘Daily Gif’ post to the fact that these adorable idiots can go from this:

b1a4 gif

to this:

b1a4 silly gif

In a nanosecond without even batting an eyelid.

Sandeul gidf

(Gifs aren’t mine! If they’re your’s please let me know and I will credit you :))

Daily Aegyo – 30/12/2015

Lately the internet is swamped with images of Xiumin being sexy (and partially naked) I’m not complaining…  but my favourite Xiumin-oppa will always be this boazi-like sweetheart.

Let him melt your heart…


(Gif isn’t mine! If it’s your’s then please let me know and I will credit you ^^)

BTS – 방탄소년단Bangtan Sonyeondan – Rap Monster and Jungkook – Fools (Cover)


Fans received a little gift from BTS today in the form of a duet with Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon) and Jungkook. This beautiful cover of ‘Fools’ by Troye Sivan  really took me by surprise. Jungkook is on form, as always, with absolutely perfect vocals but it is Rap Monster’s singing that really took me by surprise. With this cover Namjoon certainly proves once and for all that not only can he sing but that I’d like to hear him do a lot more of it!

BTS – 방탄소년단 Bangtan Sonyeondan – The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 2 – 화양연화 (HwaYangYeonHwa)


Once upon a time, in September 2015, much to the excitement of a global ‘Army’ of fangirls and fanboys, the wonderful boys of ‘Bangtan’ released a ‘Prologue’ which would incite hysterical crying from every corner of the globe. I am proud and ashamed (not really) to count myself amongst those who spend much of that evening sobbing pitifully into my tea.

The Prologue video was our first real insight into the concept of the long-awaited second half of their ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ album centring around the concept of youth. It included a 12 minute video of the boys showing off their rapidly developing acting skills and impressive visuals and included a track from the new album titled ‘Butterfly’.

To say that ‘Prologue’ was emotional would be an understatement, probably the biggest understatement of the year, enjoy it in all of it’s glory here.

The concept …

As I mentioned before, the theme for the ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ two part album is ‘Youth’ in its entirety. Youth isn’t a simple closed concept, not by a long shot. It is painful but beautiful, exciting but terrifying, fun but exhausting and it is full of energy even if sometimes that energy is used recklessly.

With the release of ‘Prologue’ and, later, the concept photography for the new album it became clear that BTS have done a fantastic job of showing the bitter-sweet pain of being young and the feeling of freedom that so often comes along with it.

For their photos the boys took two sets of images, each depicting a different aspect of their concept. Continue reading

J-Hope’s – 1Verse – The Proud Tears I shed


J-Hope doesn’t always get the attention he deserves. Bangtan’s resident ‘Happy Virus’ is a fantastic dancer, a brilliant showman and has some seriously adorable Aegyo, it’s difficult not to love him for these things alone however, with the unstoppable force that is Rap Monster and the sometimes underrated but altogether wonderful Suga to compete with, sometimes one of J-Hope’s many talents gets completely overlooked, his rap.

Having had no prior warning, I logged onto Twitter a week or so ago and was delighted to discover that J-Hope was finally getting the recognition he deserved following the sudden release of his first solo rap track. 1verse hit Soundcloud to a standing ovation from fans around the world and I have since become addicted to this 3 minute insight into J-Hope’s brain.

Hoseok has a very distinctive voice when he raps which is easily identifiable and has a great range allowing him to switch from a husky low whisper to a high furious shout at alarming speed. Much like the man himself he swaps beat and tempo frequently creating a varied and exciting track but there is one thing that always stands out for me when I hear J-Hope rap and that is something he does at around 1.07 in 1verse. As you listen you’ll hear him drop his voice down to a low tone just above a whisper, he starts off slow but as his speed increases as does his volume and tone.. These little runs build a tension for the audience before an explosion of sound and literally make my hairs stand on end.

Bravo Hobie! I’m eagerly awaiting the rest of the mixtape, show us what you’ve got!!


Day6 -Setting Me Freely (Free 하게)

“There she goes, enthusing again!”

Hey Guys! Sorry, it’s me again! And I’m back with another dose of enthusing and fangirling! You’ve probably heard me say a million and one times that work has been hectic, life has been hectic and things aren’t quite going according to plan; today is no different. I’ll say it again but I promise I’m not complaining! If we’re honest, I chose to study and work at the same time, and I made the choice to attempt to squeeze anime and reading and crafting into the crevices of my day so I really can’t blame anyone but myself for the fact that I have forgotten what being bored feels like. Instead I am saying this in order to give you some context so that, when I explain why I love this album so much, you will be intrigued and enticed and, hopefully, will fall in love with it as much  (and as quickly) as I have.

Continue reading

My Confession – The Day That K-Pop Took Over My Life

ok cat

I am a Fan-girl and this blog is my second confession…

I’ve probably always suffered from an addictive personality and an insatiable hunger for fangirl-ing so it has come as no surprise to my friends, family and charming fiance that my obsession with K-Pop started with just one song and quickly snowballed into an all encompassing passion that needs to be sated on a daily basis lest it consume me.

Within the pages of this blog I will explore new music, review what I’ve been listening to and fan-girl indiscriminately as I struggle with some of life’s most difficult questions such as “Can I really choose a bias in BTS? Or can I just adore them all?” and “Do you think GD would mind if I dyed my hair that colour too?”. This blog is a celebration of the huge section of my heart which is now devoted to the music born of South Korea and the simple adorableness that Aegyo has made possible.

kpop anime fans