My Confession – The Day That K-Pop Took Over My Life

ok cat

I am a Fan-girl and this blog is my second confession…

I’ve probably always suffered from an addictive personality and an insatiable hunger for fangirl-ing so it has come as no surprise to my friends, family and charming fiance that my obsession with K-Pop started with just one song and quickly snowballed into an all encompassing passion that needs to be sated on a daily basis lest it consume me.

Within the pages of this blog I will explore new music, review what I’ve been listening to and fan-girl indiscriminately as I struggle with some of life’s most difficult questions such as “Can I really choose a bias in BTS? Or can I just adore them all?” and “Do you think GD would mind if I dyed my hair that colour too?”. This blog is a celebration of the huge section of my heart which is now devoted to the music born of South Korea and the simple adorableness that Aegyo has made possible.

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